Romeo + Juliet

By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Leo Lion and Zoe Senese-Grossberg
Directed by Leo Lion

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the most famous love story of all time – but who is it really about? Firebird’s answer is: “It’s about teenagers.” Grounding their production in the evocative themes of youth and growth, FYT pulls age to the foreground with a mixed-age cast of adults and teens. This intergenerational, present-day take on the Elizabethan classic is tailored to resonate with modern teenagers and make the trials of the play’s young heroes hit close to home for the new generation.

R + J performed June 16th-18th, 2017, at the Hudson Guild Theatre in NYC.

Romeo + Juliet received 4 National Youth Arts Awards in 2017 (Outstanding Direction, Ensemble, Lead Actor & Actress).

What Audiences Say:

• "I am still thinking about these powerhouse performances..."
• "NOT your regular high school performance: it is modern, risky, charged.. and I daresay that the Bard would be impressed."
• "To Firebird, I say this is a triumph."
• "...left me impressed beyond expectations!"

Teaser trailer

cast & CREW

Directed by Leo Lion
Dramaturgy by Zoe Senese-Grossberg
Production Stage Manager: Thomas Pflanz

Al Choy
Emily Cordes
Tom Cox
Talullah Dahan-Sheridan
Alioune Fall

Julien Feret
Iossy Freud
Marty Goldberg
Carl Ellis Grant
Sara Margolis
Ibeth Massari

Naomi Murphy
Benny Rendell
Leigh Stern
Luca Zubieta
Daniel Zuzworsky

Lighting Design by Thomas Pflanz
Sound Design by Leo Lion

Photos by Schecter Lee: