An Enemy of the People

By Henrik Ibsen
Adapted by Zoe Senese-Grossberg & Leo Lion
Directed by Leo Lion

There's something in the water. In a small town finally on the brink of an economic boom, the beloved medicinal baths are set to become the heart of tourist industry, until the discovery of dangerous bacteria in the water supply threatens to tear the community apart. Dr. Stockmann is respected in town brothers with the mayor, trusted by patients but the quest for truth may well turn this well-meaning citizen into a political agitator facing off against the entire community.

For the second Summer of Power production, Firebird revisits Ibsen's trenchant portrayal of a whistleblower willing to speak the unpalatable truth. What does it take to speak up when everyone else stands against you? How do the powerless defy the powerful? And if power really is in numbers, what does it mean to stand alone?

An Enemy of the People performed August 23rdā€“24th, 2019, at Downtown Art in NYC.

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

cast & CREW

Directed by Leo Lion

Felix Alexis
Sofia Brunetti

Grace Connor
Max Kropf
Aaron Nichols

Maia Ostrowski
Laura Schirling

Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Zoe Senese-Grossberg
Production Stage Manager/Light Design by: Thomas Pflanz
Assistant Stage Manager/Gamemaster: Daniel Zuzworsky
Design Associate/Production Assistant: Illia Kawash-Cooper