Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Leo Lion

"Ordinance and first decree turns to the law of children" in this bright and wild new staging of the classic tragedy, which places the events of Julius Caesar in a vast playroom full of kids.

The citizens of ROAM, a city-state founded in the eerie absence of adult supervision, navigate the trials of running a society, grappling with questions of power and authority. The raw and bloody spirit of Shakespeare's text haunts this dark childish fantasy, pushing its newly-incarnated characters toward their most innate ambitions: to be loved, to be feared, to feel protected. With a cast of teens portraying a city of children just slightly younger, this production seeks to vitalize the passions of the play by examining them free of adult inhibition, and to remind us that our own children are and will be faced with the same questions that the Romans struggled to reconcile.

Julius Caesar performed July 19–20th, 2019, at Downtown Art in NYC.

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

cast & CREW

Directed and Adapted by Leo Lion

Sofia Brunetti
Nicky Dickersin
Sophia Funicello

Sophia Ghadimi
Natalie Krakovskiy
Max Kropf
Fionn Taintor

Iago Macknik-Conde
Aaron Nichols
Ace Ramsey

Lighting Design by Thomas Pflanz
Combat/Creative Consultant: Daniel Zuzworsky
Production Assistant: Brant Zheng