Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Based on the book by Lewis Carroll
Adapted for the stage by Leo Lion and Thomas Pflanz

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an original adaptation of the renowned novel of the same name. “Alice” is a transformative theatrical adventure, brought to life by a versatile ensemble and artfully crafted visuals. Creating Wonderland, envisioned in a new, yet familiar light, the show seeks to bring out the child in every audience member, inviting them to explore their imagination to the fullest.

"Alice" performed April 17th-19th, 2015, at Roy Arias Theatre, Stage II.

In 2015, “Alice” received three awards and two nominations from National Youth Arts.

May 26th, 2015, Alice was covered on Huffington Post by author Joanne Rendell. 

What Audiences Say:

Photo by Katherine Bourbeau

Photo by Katherine Bourbeau

• “Comedy and staging were awesome!”

“Wonderful adaptation!“

“Truly BRILLIANT! This is a must see…”

“Wow. Flawless, beautiful.”

“The set design, costumes, acting, singing, and dancing – yes, yes, and yes.”

“Well placed humor, and the accent work was AMAZING!!!!!!!!”

“A testament to the best that can come out of homeschooling.”

“We have never before witnessed a children’s play of this caliber … My kids were invested and giggling the entire show, [my son] can’t stop quoting it.”

Photo by Katherine Bourbeau

Photo by Katherine Bourbeau

cast & CREW

Directed by Leo Lion
Production Stage Manager: Thomas Pflanz
Lights: Tinamarie Panyard and John Albert

Jeremiah Burch
PJ Lodin
Izzy Pflanz

Kaiulani Lee
Sara Margolis
Benny Rendell

Alioune Fall
Emily Mondrus
Leigh Stern

Prop Design: Sofe Cote, Lucy Love & the Company
Lights: Tinamarie Panyard and John Albert


Photos by Schecter lee: