By Leo & Pavel Lion
Directed by Leo Lion

eXpresso tells the story of a business threatened by the looming monopolistic powers and the state of the economy. The piece takes place in a local independent coffee-shop trying desperately to stay in business after a “Sckubrats” opens up across the street. Hilarity ensues as the employees of Brown Coffee House, often eccentric and misguided, all scramble to get business booming again and rid their area of the corporate plague.

eXpresso performed May 2nd-4th, 2014, at Roy Arias Theatre, Stage II.  

What Audiences Say:

• "Humor, wit and touching moments."

• “Absolutely entertaining!”

• “Subtle delivery…”

• “Beautiful balance of slapstick and satire.”

• “Humor was spot on — simply a very wonderful show.”

Photo by Katherine Bourbeau

Photo by Katherine Bourbeau

cast & CREW

Directed by Leo Lion
Production Stage Manager: Thomas Pflanz
Lights: Tinamarie Panyard and John Albert

Jane Albert
Sofe Cote
Milo Kotis
PJ Lodin
Baird Norris
Misha Sherman

Dan Allan
Iossy Freud
Eliza Lee
Lucy Love
Isabelle Pflanz
Leigh Stern 

Jeremiah Burch
Lucia Kolba
Leo Lion
Emily Mondrus
Thomas Pflanz
Kyla Watkins

Photos by Schecter Lee & KATHERINE BOURBEAU: