Firebird Youth Theater is a national-award-winning theater company that produces professional-grade plays with young people in the heart of NYC


- summer of humanity (2018) -

Photo by Gina Kropf

Photo by Gina Kropf

R.U.R. by Karel Chapek
The Tempest by William Shakespeare
Directed by Leo Lion

For our first-ever Summer season, Firebird tackled themes of humanity and control, exploring the way human beings try to manage forces beyond their grasp, and how those forces get away from us. In R.U.R., a new technological revolution snowballs out of control and wipes out all of mankind. In The Tempest, a hermetic alchemist grapples with the power of nature to enact his long-awaited vengeance. Both plays deal with the help and hurt that comes with whatever it means to be human, and use themes of technology and nature respectively to observe the pains and delights of letting go.

R.U.R. & The Tempest performed Summer of 2018, at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in NYC.
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